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Welcome to moscow!
Welcome to moscow! Moscow is a city of tremendous power and energy. Hulking gothic towers loom over broad avenues that form a sprawling web around the Kremlin and course with traffic day and night. The Soviet past looms large, but the city embraces capitalism with gusto.

St. Petersburg - Russia's great northern capital
St. Petersburg - Russia's great northern capital. Many fans of travel, both Russian and foreign, dream of visiting Russia's great northern capital. Founded by Peter I in 1703, the city was always intended to be great, but the modern St. Petersburg has outgrown its old boundaries manyfold.

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Russias other historic square is the heart of its imperial past, as well as the host to pivotal moments in Tsarist Russias demise. On Bloody Sunday in 1905, palace guards shot dead hundreds of peaceful protestors here, sparking the first of Russias revolutions. Housed in the pastel green and white Winter Palace, the Hermitage museum contains one of the worlds most important art collections. On par with the Louvre, the collection is housed in what was once the tsars family residence.


Peter the Great built the fortress in 1703 to defend Russia from the Swedes, making it the oldest building in the city. Inside the fortress walls, the cathedrals gilded 400-foot spire is one of the citys most recognizable landmarks.


It took more than 40 years to complete the worlds third-largest domed cathedral, now the dominant feature of St. Petersburgs skyline. Climb up the 262 steps of the colonnade to get a spectacular panoramic view of the city.


This main drag is the center of the action (day or night) in Russias second city. Frequently described by Dostoyevsky inCrime and Punishment,the street is often compared to Pariss Champs-Elysees and contains some of St. Petersburgs most impressive imperial Russian buildings, including the Stroganov Palace and the Kazan Cathedral. Dont miss the shopping arcade at Gostiny Dvor.


Peter the Great had this Russian Orthodox monastery built in 1710 and named it after the Russian prince who defeated invading Swedes in 1240. Today the lavra still contains impressive baroque churches and a neoclassical cathedral. Most visitors go to see the graves of several of Russias greatest names, including Tchaikovsky and Dostoyevsky.


Housed in a former grand dukes palace, the Russian Museum (as its known to locals) doesnt get the attention that the Hermitage collection does,but in most Russians minds, it should. The museum is best known for its collection of paintings, which contains some of Russian arts greatest masters, such as Kandinsky and Chagall. The park behind the museum makes a lovely spot to reflect on what tsarist St. Petersburg might have been like.


A hydrofoil cruise on the Gulf of Finland to Peterhofs cascading fountains and lavish gardens gets you in an imperial mood. The ornate, golden interiors and recently reconstructed Amber Room of the 18th-century Catherines Palace at Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) offer a look into the extravagance of the Russian royal family.

Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring

Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ringThe Golden ring route is several ancient Russian towns located near Moscow, united in tourist route. It's such cities as Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov the Great, Uglich, Pereslavl -Zalessky, Sergiev Posad , Alexandrov.

These cities have a long history and are good examples of the cities of provincial Russia. Among them are large cities located on the banks of the river Volga (Yaroslavl, Kostroma), some  of  them   is a small and cosy city , where there is no hustle and bustle of the capitals. Many cities and their architectural monuments included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. These places would allow tourists to understand the Russian soul is wide and hospitable.

The company «SAN TOUR»    offers programs 2 , 3, 4, 5 , 6, 7, 8 daytime in Moscow + Golden ring , including meeting / seeing off at the airport by a representative of our company, transfers, accommodation in comfortable rooms /  apartments  in the hotels category 3***, 4****, 5*****, food group menu or menu chart personnel, transport service on comfortable buses, minibuses, cars of a business class, professional guides, translators, medical insurance. . These combined program  Moscow+ Golden ring  offer the opportunity to get acquainted with Moscow and several ancient Russian towns . Typically, these programs include the service a few days in Moscow and service some days in towns of Golden Ring, the number of days on request. Our company offers a great excursion program:  

- Bus tour in Vladimir - the ancient capital of the Russian Principality from the 12th century,      is situated 176 km from Moscow.  In the city are the assumption Uspenskii  Cathedral , Dmitrievskii cathedrals, Golden gates  recognized world heritage site by UNESCO                                                                                                                                

-Suzdal bus tour . Suzdal is located close  (23 km) to Vladimir. Suzdal is a Museum city under the open sky, - the ancient town of the Russian Principality from the 12th century. To the sixteenth century there were 11 convents (to the beginning of the XIX century has been preserved monastic complexes 5), Suzdal became one of religious centers in Russia. Tourists get acquainted with the Sights of Suzdal is the Kremlin, Krestovaya chamber, the Museum of wooden architecture, Spaso-Efimiev monastery, hear the bell ringing on the main tower of the monastery.

-Bus tour to Kostroma. Kostroma is an ancient Russian city on the Volga river, located about 336 km from Moscow. From the monuments of the city's most interesting complexes of Ipatiev and Anastasiyaua  monasteries. Ipatiev monastery is famous because here was crowned Mikhail Romanov - the first Tsar of Romanov dynasty. Kostroma is the birthplace of snow Maiden - the daughter of Russian father Frost/Santa Claus.

Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring-Bus tour in Uglich. the city is located about 236 km from Moscow. After Tsar Ivan's death in 1584, his youngest son Dmitry was sent with his mother to Uglich. The most famous event in the history of the city occurred on may 15, 1591, when eight-year-old boy was found dead with his throat cut in the Palace courtyard. In the death of Dmitry suspected of Boris Godunov, which had views of the Kingdom. Tourists seeing the Church built on the spot death of  Dmitry, the Spaso Preobrazhensky Cathedral, monasteries.

-Bus tour in Alexandrov (122 km from Moscow). The modern city of Alexandrov  was founded on the site of the Alexandrovs settlement - the residence of Tsar Ivan the terrible. Tourists will enjoy a reception hall for foreign ambassadors, the bedroom of Tsar Ivan the terrible, the cellars where prisoners were tortured.

Bus tour to Rostov the great. The city is situated at a distance of 230 km from Moscow. One of the oldest cities of Russia, the official chronology leads from 862. In Rostov there is a magnificent Rostov Kremlin with its magnificent towers. Rostov was the residence  and major Church center. The city has a unique folk craft enamel («finift»). Tourists look at the architecture of the Kremlin, visit the Museum of finift, on request you can visit the factory of production of enamel.

-Bus tour to Pereslavl - Zalessky. The city is located in 120 km from Moscow on lake Pleshcheyevo. Tourists will see several monasteries of the city, the Museum is devoted to the construction of king Peter the first of Russia's Navy, tourists will see a boat made by the hands of the king, will test unique  fish.

Bus tour to Sergiev Posad. The city is located not far from Moscow, about 60 km. The town of Sergiev Posad is the spiritual centre of Orthodox Russia, there is the famous Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius.

-Bus tour to Yaroslavl, 270 km from Moscow. Yaroslavl is one of the oldest Russian cities, founded in XI century and reached its heyday in the XVII century, in 2010 the city celebrated its Millennium. Tourists will see the Spassky monastery with a large exhibition of icons and gold jewelry , the Museum of old things of the 19th century - bell, icons, bronze sculpture.

In these cities, the company «SAN TOUR»      organizes different events , conferences, recreation, Spa services, folk festivals with songs and dances in beautiful national clothes. We invite tourists to event-driven holidays such as New year, Christmas, Carnival, Easter, the day of the city - will be fun!

We invite tourists to historical reconstruction, where you will see a sword fight, knights, see and learn how to make pottery, wooden toys, take part in the national fairs, will  taste pancakes with caviar , homemade pickles, honey wine and vodka.

Program of visiting Moscow and Golden ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring
Program of visiting Moscow and Golden  ring